FRSGiftRegistry 2.0

FRSGiftRegistry is a software tool that allows you to maintain a gift registry
2.0 (See all)
Fourth Ray Software

FRSGiftRegistry allows retail storeowners to maintain a gift registry. The application is intended for storeowners who currently are, or would like to start, maintaining a baby, bridal, house warming, birthday, or other kind of gift registry.
A registry is a document maintained by the store. It lists a person's name, his or her event date, and a collection of products that person would like to receive on or before that event date. A registry event in Western cultures is typically the birth of a new child, a wedding, a birthday or religious occasion, or any other special circumstance. The products listed in the registry are the ones sold by the store. The store's service is typically offered at no charge to the registrant.
The store's benefit is that family, friends, and other invited guests to the event are encouraged to purchase their gifts at the store.

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